Channel Static’s Films of 2015

crimson peak 4

More prompt, more films, less hate, more love. Isn’t that what everybody wants? And so, here are the films of 2015, featuring more romance, more action, more breakdowns, more murder.
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Bunbury Publishing Ltd

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Sometimes it seems like stories and photos get smothered when left to stand alone. Some get lucky, others get money, and happy endings are found. But a lot of creativity is buried deep underground.

Bunbury Publishing LTD  is here to help dig some of it up, package it together with a theme, then send it off for the world to see. It’s a meeting of words, a collection of themes, and writers and photographers suddenly have a little bit more room to breath. There is something to be found with a feeling of unity.

Visit to lose yourself to something. Last time it was politics, this time it’s crime, next time it’s yourself. There is always something to lose to.