Ticks & Dots

It’s what I’m made of.

Without them I would die.

With them I just cry.

Tick my dots

Dot my ticks

Paint my skin green and blue

So you can see me

So you know I’m listening

And I expect the same from you

Well… not really.


Forming Words

Words of calm should lull you into sleep, let you drop

Words of love should keep you warm, burn your toes

Words of pain should leave marks, scars forevermore

Words of promise should make chains, suffocate

Words of panic should drag against the floor, scrape

Words of misdirection should come with torn up maps Continue reading

Spent All Weekend Sitting Alone In Cafes Writing About Sitting Alone In Cafes

I thought about how cafes are places to sit in a corner and disappear.

I looked in the three other corners of the room, and saw no loners.

Just empty cups of coffee, cake crumbs on the tables

They ‘d all successfully disappeared.

I judged myself with words on a notepad.

Rubbed them out with fury

to prove I can too. Here, I’m not.  Continue reading


It’s good to be caught in the web once again

Wrapped up in sticky tangles

Waving to the all the others

Hardened and coated in gunk

All my followers

That word, oh, it makes me feel powerful

All my friends

Especially the friends I’ve never met

And all of my posts which are part of the web

Free from it all, just who would I be?

And if they keep growing

The spider can rip off my head

I won’t need it in here, anyway.


What Am I?

Swollen cheeks, dried blood down the side, baggy eyes, chewed up gums, torn out hair, smells off porridge, tastes of soap.

Sometimes smiles if you tickle them. Sometimes cries if you tickle them. Sometimes screams if you belittle them. I mean tickle them.

What am I?

Just a regular kind of guy. Right?

Sayings To Put On Signs In The House

Stick these on your walls, cushions, calendars, and mugs, with stars, stripes and rainbows. 2018, let’s go!:

I’ll Get Back To You On That One

Yeah I’d love to meet up again. Just note that if you ask me, I’ll always be busy.

That sounds great, let’s do it! Just remind me to ghost you when you actually give me a date. Courtesy. Continue reading