I Found A Note In My Porridge

I found a note in my porridge.

Most (every) morning I start the day with a bowl of Quaker’s Oats porridge. I use one sachet to ensure I’m not being overindulgent, and it keeps me going till lunch.

A note fell out of the last sachet I tore open, like those toys used to do in cereal boxes. I felt it was merely excessive packaging, a manufacturing fault. But then I turned it over.

”Does this make you happy?”
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I enjoy looking down at the floor whilst wearing my glasses. I can see all the toasted crumbs, coffee spills, and semen stains in the carpet, those finer details. I can stare at my phone without having to lift it, I can read a book and use my foot to keep it. And my glasses slowly slide, I feel them disconnect from my nose, brush my ears, and when they finally drop, I can’t see anything at all.

The Damp In The Ceiling

When inspecting the flat, I noticed the damp patches on the living room ceiling, it looked like there had been a major leak at one point. The tenant showing me around assured me that this happened a long time ago, and was because of one bad tenant living upstairs. When she went to complain she noted that the guy had already moved out. I felt a little relief, and put my name down. Sometimes you have to take a few small defects, take them as part of the charm. Like damp ceilings, we all have our fair share after all. Continue reading

Watching TV Every Night

I lie on my bed naked as I watch TV.

It’s okay, nobody’s watching.

I’m watching something grotty, it’s better than anything soppy.

It’s okay, nobody is watching me watching this.

Though as the action fades to black I see my own reflection.

Watching me watching this watching that naked.

And I look at my reflection and pull the covers over.

I look at my reflection and throw the remote over.

But there I am, staring right back at me.

And the only thing I long for.

Is a reflection-free TV.