Blink in and out


Flying down into a new country, a new experience, new joy. The sky is grey, we fall asleep after walking through the ghost town.

Eyes closed.

It’s her birthday. I blow balloons and throw them around the room. She wakes up in a daze, wearing a custom made cardboard tiara on her head. She smiles. Continue reading


Three Way

Sabrina Absinthe is forever running after Death

I saw Death today – by a burnt out bus on a sunny day. He stood surrounded by the dead passengers that had fallen from the wreckage, smoking a cigar and laughing silently. He wasn’t what I expected – but then nothing ever is how you expect. He was fat, wearing a stripy black and white suit. His hourglass necklace swung as he hobbled over the burnt corpses. I knew it was him because his smoke caused a passenger to drop dead. I wanted to approach him and confess my feelings, but instead I took a picture on my phone. My name is Sabrina Absinthe. I wish I was dead. Continue reading

Three Soldiers Tell Each Other Ghost Stories During A Quiet Moment In The Trenches

Three Soldiers Tell Each Other Ghost Stories During A Quiet Moment In The Trenches

Three men stood side by side in the trenches and began to tell each other camp-fire ghost stories, a way to connect to the past, and to forget about the last few days of brutality. It was a rare moment of respite, and whilst they didn’t know each other all too well, stories was how they learnt to connect.

The soldier with holes in his cheeks began, and he whistled as he spoke, something he considered would be an excellent party trick when he returned home. If he returned home.

If only he could

ESCAPE Continue reading