How much can one breed?
How much can one feed?
How much can one lead?
How much can one need?


(no title)

I hold the selfie stick, and my phone clipped to the other end flashes. I take the phone off the clip and take a look at the picture. It’s me standing in a dimly lit room, my back visible in the dusty mirror. I forgot to smile, and I also notice my unmade bed in the corner of the picture.

I think of sending it to someone, but I’m not sure who to send it to. I try to think up a title, but I can’t think of anything. I stare into my own eyes, and wonder why they look so red. I put the phone down and look into the mirror. I wonder why my eyes are so red.

I take the selfie stick, clip the phone on the end, and try again.


Face Changer

When I wake up, the first thing I need to decide is which face to wear for the day. I imagine most people need to make this important decision.

Should I wear the pitiful face? The sullen look? The buzzing with confidence expression? The head turner? You need to consider just who it is you’ll be seeing in the day before you make this important decision. Coffee and toast beforehand helps get the mind in motion. Continue reading

Scraping The Nail

Just one more time.
Will I hit it again.
Wait two times is needed
For it’s still in the┬ásystem
And a third time
To forget about it all
And four times
While the skin’s still raw
But I won’t do it five times
Because I’m not so stupid
It’s been six times
And I’m not addicted
And seven times
One too many
But it’s eight times
For old times sake.