Bunbury Publishing Ltd

issue10cover (1)

You can pay what you want for the latest issue right now! Pay nothing or everything, it’s all up to you!

Sometimes it seems like stories and photos get smothered when left to stand alone. Some get lucky, others get money, and happy endings are found. But a lot of creativity is buried deep underground.

Bunbury Publishing LTD  is here to help dig some of it up, package it together with a theme, then send it off for the world to see. It’s a meeting of words, a collection of themes, and writers and photographers suddenly have a little bit more room to breath. There is something to be found with a feeling of unity.

Visit http://bunburymagazine.com/ to lose yourself to something. Last time it was politics, this time it’s crime, next time it’s yourself. There is always something to lose to.



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