Impersonal City Space

What happened to the old haunts?
Who’s that guy preaching about the price of gas?
Where’s a place I can sit alone?
Why did it all change in what seemed like one night?

This city is no longer the city I know.
Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds.
What’s the difference? Who knows?




The Thought Process Of An Animal Before It Dies (Remake)

I hope today is different from yesterday. I hope someone gives me a call, even the liars, and I hope no one decides to let me go. I watch the skies and hope for a meteor, but all I see are stars. The bright lights make me ill, so I turn to the television, which makes me even more nauseous. I’ve seen all these stories before.

So I crawl around my room naked, I break all the mirrors, whilst listening to nu metal. The neighbours don’t even bang against the wall any more. I’d go outside, but I have no clothes, I burnt them a long time ago.

It’s the same every day. And I hope tomorrow is different from today.

Super Happy Times

Sedatives for funerals
Sedatives for bad days
Sedatives for good days
Sedatives for Christmas
Sedatives for New Years
Sedatives for Monday
Sedatives for Tuesday
Sedatives for Wednesday
Sedatives for Thursday
Sedatives for Friday
Sedatives for Saturday
Sedatives for Sunday

Valium, Amytal, Nembutal, Seconal, Luminal, Prosom, Rohypnol, Serax, Xanax, Librium

Whatever you can give me.

Anxiety Butterfly Attack

I was sick to the teeth with it, this butterfly fluttering about inside my stomach.

‘Are you anxious?’ they asked me as I¬†coughed up a little sick.

‘I’m not anxious, I feel fine! It’s this thing living inside my stomach! I think we need to get it out!’

So I grab a knife and start hacking away at my stomach. it hurts but the shaking feeling each day hurts me even more. It restricts me, it predicts me. Continue reading