New Channels

New channels have suddenly emerged thanks to the new model of TV which comes with more buttons to press! No longer stuck to one channel, you can visit these sites: – Books – Food – Video games – Film – Music

The only thing missing is a channel in which you can indulge in your wildest fantasies at £1.50 a minute on top of regular service provider costs. Which means you could be missing everything.

Though right now, all you’ll get is the equivalent of this:

test card


When I Visit Space I Can’t Help But Get Nostalgic


As the Gamma Rays sank in he knew he was lost. The bar was a reproduction of the bar in his head, as everything always is. The old him was not the same him standing among the dancers either, that skin had long been shed. The past and the present are never the same, to return to the past is only to witness the present. And so he danced until his feet went dead. It was all one could do.

And one thought is always in his head.

‘Where am I?’

Every minute, every day. It keeps him from losing himself.

Oh, let me lose myself.