Next Door

I think my parents live in the room next to me. I can’t be sure though, I’ve never been one to chit-chat with the neighbours. Even when they call my name and scream ‘tea’.



Dead Donkey On The Patio Steps


It wasn’t always like this for the electronic dancing donkey. When he was purchased and taken to this home, he’d dance at the clap of the hands, and people loved that dancing. He was a crazy dancing donkey, dancing to Brazilian music like it was never going out of style. There was a glint of passion in his plastic eyes, and the clapping would commence on a regular basis. Everyone wanted to see the electronic dancing donkey, and if they didn’t, they’d see it anyway.  Continue reading

Sitting Around Waiting For Something To Happen

If you hold on for a minute, something will happen.

If you hang on for an hour to so, something will definitely happen.

I think waiting here till tomorrow will lead to something happening.

How about spending the week here? You’ll be surprised when something happens, I’d hate for you to miss it?

Okay, next month there is this thing happening. I’ll see you sometime after.