Bunbury Publishing LTD Creative Anthology Volume 1: 2016 – The Event

bunFor those who knew me, you’ll be happy to know that I don’t talk much anymore.

No more nonsensical ramblings.

No more tangents.

No more confusion.

I keep my mouth shut, it’s better that way.

I rarely even go outside, so taking myself to Bury for the Bunbury Publishing LTD Creative Anthology Volume 1: 2016 book launch was somewhat of a challenge. The last time I went to such an event I felt disconnected from it all. I gave a reading and my mouth went dry. I spluttered through it then went back to the flat and stayed in bed for a week.  Continue reading


The Bus To Nowhere

The bus to nowhere is already where it should be.

It runs along an endless motorway, never stopping, always softly rumbling.

It’s dark out, never bright, all that can be seen are the cat’s eyes.

Inside the bus to nowhere the lighting is neither too dim nor too bright.

The heating is neither too hot nor too cold.

The seats recline, the arm rests decline.

There is always a window seat.

It’s a journey which lasts as long or as short as it needs to.

There are no destinations, there are no outside goals.

It’s just a few seats housing a few lost souls.

Some people ride for hours

I ride for days

The 26 Year Old Man Who Crawled Out Of His Skin And Disappeared

I was born with a birthmark around my neck shaped like a zip, it even had a mole which hung like a zipper. People would laugh and I was told it couldn’t be removed, and make up didn’t do much good, for people knew, as if they could smell my difference.

Walking in the street one day I happened to stumble upon my boss, and fellow classmates from my teenage years. They all made a point of telling me to zip it, one too many zip its. People pointed thanks to the attention I was getting, and I was feeling real faint over it all. An old time classmate came up to me and pulled at my zipper mole, making a zipper noise as he did it. It hurt like hell and started to bleed, but I’d been pulled through worse. Continue reading

The Solution To My Problems

I decided to go to an expo which focused on my condition. It’s an annoying condition which causes me all manner of problems, from work related problems to home related problems, to everything else related problems.

Overall, it’s just one problem after the other with this condition, and I was hoping I could get some answers, isn’t that what we are all looking for? Bill Gates found an answer, but he won’t return my calls. Albert Einstein found an answer, but my seance says he’s busy. So she let me talk to a Peter instead. He was insistent I’d been doing too much lately, and I ensured him I’d not been doing enough.  Continue reading