Other Channels

A gateway to new worlds:

Successful Story Submissions:

Asteroids (The Walled City Journal)

Birth Of A Sea Monster (Bear Creek Gazette) DEFUNCT But possible future archive

Bridge (Pigeon Review)

Carpet Burn (Fahmidan Journal – Page 53)

Close Encounters Of The Social Kind (Clarissa Explains F*** All) DEFUNCT 

Flat Viewings Of The Third Kind (Selcouth Station)

Giant’s Toe (Frisson Comics ‘Knock Knock: Wyrd Folk And Wive’s Tales)

Here Is A Book To Comfort You During These Unusually Dark Times ‘Blurb’ (Selcouth Station)

Home Sweet Home (Not Deer Magazine)

I Hope My Plants Aren’t Dead (Burnt Breakfast Mag)

Loving The Bear (Daily Drunk Mag)

Mount Barry (Selcouth Station)

Other People (HOLYFLEA! – Page 10)

Out Of Order (Fiery Scribe Review)

Petals & Cake (Spellbinder Magazine)

Santa VI: Going Postal (Selcouth Station)

Stuck Sunset (Sledgehammer Literary Journal)

Tangled Wires (Fahmidan Journal – Page 7)

The Delinquent Sleeps Tonight (Selcouth Station)

Thursday Show At The Electric Gospel Club (Burnt Breakfast Mag)

Today Is Tomorrow’s Nostalgia (Orton)

Zombie Apocalypse (Skink Beat Review – Page 10)


Maybe one day.

Old Haunts:

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Channel Gourmet 

Channel Gaming

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Channel Audio

Joerayw – The past. (DEFUNCT)

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