Sound Asleep


Hey, are you sleeping well?

What’s with all those vivid dreams?

Why don’t you take some pills?

No more dreams, no more thoughts.

It’s what I do.

You’ll never sleep rough again.



Wouldn’t it be something,
If we changed colour to represent our mental state?
The minute people see you they’d go ‘well he has this, so that’s that.’
A physical manifestation to explain it all.

I painted my whole body purple and suddenly people paid attention.
They said I had a problem, so I guess it worked afterall.
But it wouldn’t wash off, I couldn’t get a job
I was clumsy
I was antsy

I was a complete ass, painted purple.

And I realised maybe it was for the better that people couldn’t see.

One late night, I can’t remember the time (1.34 a.m)
she found me in the kitchen lights off, curled into a ball.
My teeth looking for my throat.
She said I looked like a prune.

And we laughed it off. I was just a purple prune

Not an ass at all.