Channel Static’s Albums of 2014

Memories make music, and these ten albums helped structure the static in 2014. Haunting the ears, every step of the way.

10. Sun Kil Moon – Benji

benjiExperience Mark Kozelek’s mid life crisis, a narration of past love and loss, and blue crab cakes. He’s looking back, to death in the family, to death on the news, with sprinkles of sex and pop culture in between. The vividness takes you to the time and place his head is currently in. But Introspection, what is he really like inside?

Between each breather, a modern day folk story has been told. Too much info? Never enough.

Choice Track: Ben’s My Friend  Continue reading


Job Perks

100 words, seven days, then spliced together with jam. 

Job Perks

My body aches when I wake up. My vision is blurry when I wake up. Night terrors once again. The bed sheets on the floor, my girlfriend still sound asleep, unmoving, silent breathing.

The clock on the wall said 11.36, a lazy Sunday lie in. I got out of bed, climbing over the sleeping girlfriend, and went to have a shower. I sit in the bath as the water hits my body, and I try to recall the dreams of the night before. I think there was something to do with getting repetitive strain injury while at work, or something else packed with the imagination of dreams. The water was lukewarm, and I continued to ache.

I left the shower when the water turned cold, it didn’t take long, and after a quick half assed dry with a towel, I stepped back into my bedroom and sat on the bed holding my head. My girlfriend was still asleep, I nudged her but she just bled. Blood seeping out from under her body. When I turned her over, I saw the gaping wound with her fluids draining out, keeping her silently sleeping. Sunday morning. Continue reading