Channel Static’s Films of 2013

The beginning of a year tends to put objectives into ones mind. Get fit! Work hard! Save money! Save the world! And in 2013 I set myself with the challenge of visiting the cinema once a week ┬átill the year came to a close. I completed it through sheer obsession, but I feel like I’ve developed some scars deep in my head, due to how much utter shit I’ve put myself through to accomplish the pointless goal. I just can’t stomach high-octane action films anymore. Make the explosions and dub step drops go away!

But it does mean I can provide a top ten hit list and a top ten shit list for you all to read.


‘Spring Breakers? Wolf Children? Not at this Vue! It’s Harry Hill The Movie and After Earth for you!’

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Channel Static’s Albums Of 2013

Lists are a necessity of one’s life. If we all stopped making and displaying lists for all to see, I’m sure all would collapse, a string of numbers and names which act as the intangible string keeping our heads glued together. So to keep everything in check, here’s Channel Static’s first list; a top ten of 2013’s best albums. Because there just aren’t enough of these out there. Fill the void, we’re saving the world from total destruction, one list at a time.

one d

Oh yes.

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… And Into The Static

which drops me off here.

It’s static. Just static. It illuminates the darkness, making the scene appear a little seedy, a little solitary. But it’s so free amidst the fuzz, away from the Island Of Clutter and the sea of words.

And so Channel Static begins, looking at everything trapped in-between the static. And the latest KFC monstrosities. No.

Well, maybe. Desperation is everything.