Hello, Twenty Fifteen

I don’t know where I’m going this year either.


Why Slapping Services Are The Way To Go

We’ve all had days when we just can’t get our self together. The world is a tough place, and it’s easy to succumb to hiding in bed or sitting in the toilet at work for far longer than it’s necessary to do whatever it is you’re doing in there. These not together days make you just want to fall off the Earth’s surface and float around in space suffocating. To solve these moments of despair, sometimes a slap, shove, or baseball bat beating is what you need to get out of it, and with Slapping Services businesses, you can pay to get out of any slump.

Slap Happy

Slapping services have become a widespread phenomenon around Cornwall and Wales in the UK, as moody blues clients have paid to have the ‘snap out of it slap’. These slaps are typically accompanied by a few harsh words such as ‘you’re a filthy maggot’, or ‘Who cares if nobody ever loved you, love is just an abstract concept. You’re just an abstract concept!’ and so on. The slaps have had a positive effect on people’s lives, with one customer saying he couldn’t get through the day without a baseball bat to the face. One Slapping Services company worth checking out is ‘Beat On The Brat’, who offer numerous ‘snap out of it’ services at competitive prices.

Beat On The Brat

Beat On The Brat are a UK-based slapping service, who help over 18’s get on with life. They offer a wide range of services, including slapping, pummeling, bat practise and head bashing, with a number of excellent deals available due to the company’s close relationship with violent thugs throughout the area. They’ve only gone too far on one occasion, and the victim didn’t mind either way, so visit Beat On The Brat if you’re feeling down.

Their knowledgeable and experienced team can find the right method to get you through your day, and they offer a soothing wet wipe rub for those who aren’t satisfied with the services. Visit their website today for more information on the range of services, products and prices they offer.