Nine Years

In nine years I’ve lost my hair, developed a peanut allergy, worked seven different jobs, gone through a pandemic, said goodbye to my metabolism, been in three different relationships, been diagnosed with a lifelong disability, lost family, moved three times, and yet…

The Old Town in Portugal hasn’t changed one bit since I was last there. Every change in my life crumbled at the back of my mind as I sat by the statues of fishermen.

Spicy P

Spicy food makes me cry. I cry whilst eating it, it’s part of the charm I guess. But my whole body cries too, and when I go home I have to deal with at least twelve hours of spicy pee.

The burning sensation makes me feel like my insides have been cleansed. Though in reality, maybe spicy food just ain’t for me.

But here I am once again. Stinging because I had one too many chillis.

Space Travel Is Boring

When all the characters jump into their spaceships and start blasting away at each other, it’s time to switch off.

Death Star trench run aside, I think it’s safe to say that there is nothing more boring than an epic space battle. Give it five to ten minutes and the shooting will finally stop, the crafts will land, and it’s time to wake up.

What did I miss? Just a few holes breached and a bit part character bit the dust. Until the next one.

Uneven Surface

Two tables slapped together isn’t always a great idea, especially when it comes to drink placement. I I watched my glass of wine come crashing down as I placed it on the uneven surface, unaware that the second table was lower. I watched, and the waiter watched. And I lost a lot on that uneven surface that day.