There is a light in my life so bright I can no longer sleep through the darkest of days.

It never dims, and it never burns out.

It’s a light that pushes you towards it,

even through headaches

or through sleep deprived eyes

And so each day is brighter

Those LED light bulbs were a good idea, after all.

Fresh Start

It’s time for a fresh start.
A time for putting all that crap behind you, flinging it with one hand over the shoulder.
It doesn’t really matter the age, anyone can choose to have a fresh start.
Start fresh any day!
Start fresh everyday!

Ignore all your debts
Cut off those warts
Glue on some hair
Suck out your fat
Remove all your friends
Rub out your name
Burn down your home
Burn down your family

Without such extremes
That fresh start will turn sour
Grow mold
Start rotting
Start stinking

But yes, fresh starts are free, and they’re here, everyday of the week.

I Guess

I guess if a year doesn’t work out all that well you can’t take it back.

There is no receipt for 2016, there was never a return policy.

I guess I should have read the small print before agreeing to 2016.

I didn’t have my glasses on at the time.

I guess I should have learnt from 2015.

The warning signs were there.