Channel Static’s Albums of 2015

Somehow, another year went away. Here are the best sounds from 2015, which are now totally out of date. These artists have already moved on, why can’t you?

10. Caught On Tape – Full Bleed

caught on tape

Thurston Moore and John Moloney said they’d make a black metal record, after calling black metal a genre for dead pussies, and the result is ‘Full Bleed’. This will break your eardrums, and ruin any party, with the Melvins-like sludge mixing with Thurston’s passion for avant-garde noise noodles. Whilst lyrical content is absent from this full bleed, the tone can easily be grasped from titles such as ‘Reverse Funeral’, and ‘Arguing With A Balloon’.

Music for those who want to disintegrate from existence.

Choice Track: Rubber Grandma

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”It’s Sooty and Sweep on drugs.
It’s something you don’t want people outside to hear.
It’s something people have to trick you into buying.
It’s a guy going crazy on a trumpet.
It’s not something you can play in the car.
It’s not something your other half will enjoy.

It’s just jazz, it’s just not for me.”

But as for myself, I love it



For those in the North of England: do you ever take a look at the music scene and feel a little down when you see the array of festivals and shows taking place? Don’t, there is just as much going on around here, you just need to know where to look. Or just let Getintothis do the work for you.

The North, Liverpool especially, is rife with music acts, from big bands, psychedelic festivals and hidden gems taking place across the year. Getintothis can guide you to the best, usually before anyone else, and with a dollop of charm so you don’t feel like you’re reading a barrage of carefully worded press releases.

It’s a far brighter place than this bleak little channel, that’s for sure. People sing, people dance. On Channel Static, people just shuffle whilst looking at their feet, and they aren’t even gazing. – Beats, Dones, and rock & roll

New Channels

New channels have suddenly emerged thanks to the new model of TV which comes with more buttons to press! No longer stuck to one channel, you can visit these sites: – Books – Food – Video games – Film – Music

The only thing missing is a channel in which you can indulge in your wildest fantasies at £1.50 a minute on top of regular service provider costs. Which means you could be missing everything.

Though right now, all you’ll get is the equivalent of this:

test card

Channel Static’s Albums of 2014

Memories make music, and these ten albums helped structure the static in 2014. Haunting the ears, every step of the way.

10. Sun Kil Moon – Benji

benjiExperience Mark Kozelek’s mid life crisis, a narration of past love and loss, and blue crab cakes. He’s looking back, to death in the family, to death on the news, with sprinkles of sex and pop culture in between. The vividness takes you to the time and place his head is currently in. But Introspection, what is he really like inside?

Between each breather, a modern day folk story has been told. Too much info? Never enough.

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