Someone Shot The Camera Man

And used his meat to make this burger.



It tasted like promotional art.


Avoid Eye Contact, And They Won’t Come

She smiled as I sat down. It’s nice that people still smile.

She waved at me and I looked around to see who it could be.

She wrote a note and passed it over. It said ‘Hello’. I passed it on.

She asked how I’m doing and I stood up and walked away.

She grabbed me and I apologised for getting in the way of her hands.

She called me a freak as I left the cafe. It’s what I wanted to hear in the first place.

I can’t talk to strangers anymore.




Social Student – The Home For Student Conversation

Social Student


An alternative channel to tune in to for the news, the reviews and advice on how to survive. And we all need that kind of advice. A focus on students, but Channel Static has a focus on insomniacs, and since when did that stop you?

In this channel I guest and write the reviews I once abandoned. For a starter, here is a review of Sin City: A Dame To Kill For. It was the first, and probably not the last. Regular visits to are the only way to be sure.

The student within me is dead, but I can still use my card. I am a student in limbo. And so, everything works out in the end.