End of the Flowerpot Man

  1. Looking at the Flowerpot Man in a Full Length Mirror
  2. Birth of the Flowerpot Man
  3. Answers from the Flowerpot Man 

End of the Flowerpot Man

I think it’s simply a case of being pushed too far. Everyone has a trigger, something which sets them off, and the reasons that lead to the trigger can be numerous, the amount they can handle varying. Someone might snap at one-off hand comment, someone may do it after a barrage over the course of a year. Whatever the case, everyone has a trigger, and when said trigger is pulled, well, who knows what they’ll do.

As for myself, it tends to build and switch within a couple of months. Names, realisations, comments, moments, they all contribute to the building pressure of being a flowerpot man, and when I trigger it tends to end badly. Continue reading


This Is A Target

You have to hit targets.

This is mine.

So tick it off something.

Throw something at it.

Shoot something at it.

Then realise

This won’t be the last target, and it was certainly not the first.

I Guess

I guess if a year doesn’t work out all that well you can’t take it back.

There is no receipt for 2016, there was never a return policy.

I guess I should have read the small print before agreeing to 2016.

I didn’t have my glasses on at the time.

I guess I should have learnt from 2015.

The warning signs were there.


Answers From The Flowerpot Man

  1. Looking at the Flowerpot Man in a Full Length Mirror
  2. Birth of the Flowerpot Man 

My name isn’t Bill, nor is it Ben. I don’t grow flowers on my head, and underneath all my pottery, I’m just like you and him. I know kids sometimes cry when they see my face, but I’m crying right with them.

I can’t go out at night, but it’s nothing to do with photosynthesis. I just can’t see baseball bats and wrenches all that clear in the dark. I did work at an office, but they said I was better suited at a garden centre. I currently sit at home and watch television most days. Okay, everyday. Continue reading