Channel Static’s Films of 2015

crimson peak 4

More prompt, more films, less hate, more love. Isn’t that what everybody wants? And so, here are the films of 2015, featuring more romance, more action, more breakdowns, more murder.
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New Channels

New channels have suddenly emerged thanks to the new model of TV which comes with more buttons to press! No longer stuck to one channel, you can visit these sites: – Books – Food – Video games – Film – Music

The only thing missing is a channel in which you can indulge in your wildest fantasies at £1.50 a minute on top of regular service provider costs. Which means you could be missing everything.

Though right now, all you’ll get is the equivalent of this:

test card

Channel Static’s Films of 2014

The beginning of the year means its time to look over the year that’s been and gone… wait it’s June already?  Never mind, it’s always fine to look back, the past always shackles us anyway. Think of it as a mid year awards ceremony which still needs to think of the years gone by as if they are still shiny and new. Some of these have only recently received DVD releases anyway, so let’s roll with it!
10. Nightcrawler nightcrawler Having true passion for your job is something we would all like. Wouldn’t life be so much easier if we could engage in every aspect of our day to day role of earning money to keep afloat? Sometimes you just have to really push for what you want to do in life.

In Nightcrawler, Lou Bloom loves his job, a job which involves driving around looking for crime to record and use for a news station. The bigger the crime, the more fun he has, and his Patrick Batemen-esque persona makes for a truly energetic film to display just how vulture like the media can be when it comes to dragging out a top story. Might as well make money from what you enjoy doing, and Nightcrawler is a semblance of just what that can entail for some people. Continue reading

Channel Static’s Films of 2013

The beginning of a year tends to put objectives into ones mind. Get fit! Work hard! Save money! Save the world! And in 2013 I set myself with the challenge of visiting the cinema once a week  till the year came to a close. I completed it through sheer obsession, but I feel like I’ve developed some scars deep in my head, due to how much utter shit I’ve put myself through to accomplish the pointless goal. I just can’t stomach high-octane action films anymore. Make the explosions and dub step drops go away!

But it does mean I can provide a top ten hit list and a top ten shit list for you all to read.


‘Spring Breakers? Wolf Children? Not at this Vue! It’s Harry Hill The Movie and After Earth for you!’

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