The Tooth Taketh Away

2014-04-28 20.22.22

All my thoughts and ideas were stored in one part of my body, a single tooth surrounded by many. The single tooth that leapt away to live its own life, to spread my thoughts and ideas as its own.

But without a root to hang from, the tooth was left to rot. The other teeth didn’t even notice, a fake replacement filled the gap. But now I have nothing left to say, that tooth took it all away. And for what?


Retro Sticker Machine


When civilisation comes to an end, the sun will shine on the eternal retro sticker machine. The screen will continue to flicker, powered by the anime girls pure saturated heart. A mass of photos stuck in time shall cover every inch of the plastic cabinet, a collection of faces hidden behind hearts and dancing babies will never fade.

Who keeps refilling the sticker paper?