Channel Static’s Albums of 2015

Somehow, another year went away. Here are the best sounds from 2015, which are now totally out of date. These artists have already moved on, why can’t you?

10. Caught On Tape – Full Bleed

caught on tape

Thurston Moore and John Moloney said they’d make a black┬ámetal record, after calling black metal a genre for dead pussies, and the result is ‘Full Bleed’. This will break your eardrums, and ruin any party, with the Melvins-like sludge mixing with Thurston’s passion for avant-garde noise noodles. Whilst lyrical content is absent from this full bleed, the tone can easily be grasped from titles such as ‘Reverse Funeral’, and ‘Arguing With A Balloon’.

Music for those who want to disintegrate from existence.

Choice Track: Rubber Grandma

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”It’s Sooty and Sweep on drugs.
It’s something you don’t want people outside to hear.
It’s something people have to trick you into buying.
It’s a guy going crazy on a trumpet.
It’s not something you can play in the car.
It’s not something your other half will enjoy.

It’s just jazz, it’s just not for me.”

But as for myself, I love it