Spoken Word

On Air

Where am I? Who put me here?
This mic is covered in spit
Eyes are rolling over each line
Ears attentively listening for an end
Mouths whispering expletives
Whenever I turn the page Continue reading


All or Nothing

The all or nothing approach to life allows no compromise, you either win or lose.

But when those all’s are so small, when the nothing is your status quo

Lying down in the mud must feel so good. Looking up at the stars must hurt so much.

And all or nothing, well, dead is dead, win or lose.

That’s how I play.

Not Really Saying What I’m Saying

When I write, I’m not really saying what I’m saying.

I’m burying it all behind quite a number of things

You can’t see them for the metaphors

You can’t read them for all the gore

And all that sex so red and raw

But this time I’ll tell you what I’m saying

Without all the skin peeling,
hammer reeling,
cock sucking,
nipple plucking
apples on heads
And babies found in bread

‘Talk to me, please.’