Drop Everything

Drop everything and come with me.

Drop all those chores.

Drop the weights in your hands

Drop the baggage from your past

Drop what keeps you down on the floor

Drop it all Continue reading



It’s good to be caught in the web once again

Wrapped up in sticky tangles

Waving to the all the others

Hardened and coated in gunk

All my followers

That word, oh, it makes me feel powerful

All my friends

Especially the friends I’ve never met

And all of my posts which are part of the web

Free from it all, just who would I be?

And if they keep growing

The spider can rip off my head

I won’t need it in here, anyway.



There is a light in my life so bright I can no longer sleep through the darkest of days.

It never dims, and it never burns out.

It’s a light that pushes you towards it,

even through headaches

or through sleep deprived eyes

And so each day is brighter

Those LED light bulbs were a good idea, after all.