There is a light in my life so bright I can no longer sleep through the darkest of days.

It never dims, and it never burns out.

It’s a light that pushes you towards it,

even through headaches

or through sleep deprived eyes

And so each day is brighter

Those LED light bulbs were a good idea, after all.



There is a hole in my head, it’s leaking out my thoughts.
There is a hole in my head, and it’s sucking in my hair.
There is a hole in my head, and it lights up in the sun.
There is a hole in my head, I check it with a mirror.
There is a hole in my head and it follows me around.
There is a hole in my head, but you can still see my flesh
There is a hole in my head, and nothing can be done.

No hat, no comb over, no oils can take away that fact.

Hot Air Balloon Over Oswaldtwistle

A hot air balloon floats in the sky, blocking the sun.

People run rampant, I’m looking for my gun. I’ll throw a rope to the sky, climb on high, bring back the light.

The rope won’t reach, my gun won’t fire, the balloon which has taken away all sight.

Instead I wait, pop some sleeping pills, pass the time till the hot air balloon floats on by.

Days pass, weeks pass, yet it stays up high.

As people adapt, the balloon floats off, as the sun burns our eyes, we long for the hot air balloon for the first time.


I understand chemistry.

I understand plants.

I understand economics.

I understand history.

I understand violence.

I understand words.

Time though

I don’t understand

Questions though

I don’t understand

Emotions though

I don’t understand