Writing Words

I write words to speak

I write words to seek

I write words to folk

I write words to fuck

I write words to violence

I write words to silence

I write words to absence

I write words to absinthe


I just write words whenever

And they always come out the same


Even I can’t read them back



Watching TV Every Night

I lie on my bed naked as I watch TV.

It’s okay, nobody’s watching.

I’m watching something grotty, it’s better than anything soppy.

It’s okay, nobody is watching me watching this.

Though as the action fades to black I see my own reflection.

Watching me watching this watching that naked.

And I look at my reflection and pull the covers over.

I look at my reflection and throw the remote over.

But there I am, staring right back at me.

And the only thing I long for.

Is a reflection-free TV.