The jigsaw on the table was in pieces, no longer creating a whole complete picture. Pieces were scattered all around, on the table, under the table, somewhere far away from the table and I spent much time crawling to find them all.  Continue reading


Job Perks

100 words, seven days, then spliced together with jam. 

Job Perks

My body aches when I wake up. My vision is blurry when I wake up. Night terrors once again. The bed sheets on the floor, my girlfriend still sound asleep, unmoving, silent breathing.

The clock on the wall said 11.36, a lazy Sunday lie in. I got out of bed, climbing over the sleeping girlfriend, and went to have a shower. I sit in the bath as the water hits my body, and I try to recall the dreams of the night before. I think there was something to do with getting repetitive strain injury while at work, or something else packed with the imagination of dreams. The water was lukewarm, and I continued to ache.

I left the shower when the water turned cold, it didn’t take long, and after a quick half assed dry with a towel, I stepped back into my bedroom and sat on the bed holding my head. My girlfriend was still asleep, I nudged her but she just bled. Blood seeping out from under her body. When I turned her over, I saw the gaping wound with her fluids draining out, keeping her silently sleeping. Sunday morning. Continue reading