2016 was the last time I felt the world wasn’t in total strife. Pokemon Go came along and that mobile phone app for a month seemed to bring us all together. I wasn’t too into it, but I enjoyed seeing others get a lot of joy out of tapping and walking. When I went to Thailand a year later I still saw people playing it. It was nice.

There was also a new Pokemon game out on the 3DS, Sun, Moon, which a year later became Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. They were part of the massive resurgence in Pokemon’s worldwide dominance with kids. I didn’t play them till recently. The story isn’t mine to follow anymore.

End Of Past Posts

I’ve finally ran out of all those scraps from the past. No more content from the 90s, 00s, 2016, or 2017. All that I have left is a future still untold.

But really, expect more of the same, because I haven’t changed much since.

In the end my life is led by the colonel. I know my place as the gravy drips.

Old Note From 2016/7

I went to wash my hands in the public toilets. It was a small sink, and only the cold water worked. A guy in the same room came up next to me and said,

‘It would be quicker if we shared the sink.’

I wasn’t so sure about this, but his hands were already in the bowl with mine. The cold hit us simultaneously, and at that moment I realised one thing as his hands brushed against mine.

I forgot to go to the toilet.

In retrospect, it was a rather nice experience, really.

We Don’t Even Celebrate Thanksgiving

If only we celebrated Thanksgiving. I’m sure I’ve done days where Thanksgiving falls with no food at all.

Maybe I’ll make myself a turkey this year. I’ll find it in a farm an gut it myself. Thank you for all the meat, thanks you for being my treat.

I think it would go something like that.

Then I can watch Thanksgiving specials of Charlie Brown and feel like it all makes sense.