First Death Recent Death

The first death I remember is something that took place due to an accident. Of course, most deaths tend to be accidents, and this first death was something that is often reported in papers on a weekly basis, it’s the nature of the death after all.

A kid was playing with his friends across the street from his home, nothing out of the ordinary here. They played ball games, jumped ropes, and the little kid wheeled about in his plastic toy car, the perfect push car for toddlers, with plenty of buttons to press and a smiley face on the front. Just the week before this kid had wheeled it all the way over to the local Spar, hoping to catch up with his Dad, who grabbed the boy and sent him home with stern words. He just really liked to push that toy car.

As the other kids were called into tea, the kid wheeling his push car had to get across the road and back to his own home. There was no one about, so the kid had to do it itself, so he wheeled himself over, ready to see his Mum and hopefully have his own tea. This tea was never to happen though, because as the kid wheeled over to the other side, a car came crashing into his push car, sending him to the other type of other side. He was crushed and stuck under the car, it took far too long to drag him out, and thus, that was the first death I remember.

The second death was years later, at least sixteen years later. A guy was standing in his university dormitory staring at himself in the mirror. He was drunk, down and out on life, and wanted a way out. On the sink were shards of glass from a broken beer glass. He picked up these pieces and started casually scratching his arms gently with the pieces. Pink marks quickly appeared, but the scratching began to get harsher. He started rapidly attacking his arms, his wrists, and watching the blood ooze out, then flood out. It gushed into the sink and he knew their was no way back from this. He was going to bleed out, lose all thoughts and hopefully not have to die again.

As he hit the floor, his head hit the sink on the way. Blood was coming from multiple locations from his body, but he didn’t make a sound as it did. He was content to die in that room alone, and it would be days before anyone found him, for it was a break and most of the other students were away. Not like any of them even really talked to him anyway. As he began to blank out, check out, he hoped again that he would not have to die again.

Because he’d already done it once before, on that day with the little push car. This was his most recent death. It wouldn’t last.

What a fool. And that’s all.

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