The jigsaw on the table was in pieces, no longer creating a whole complete picture. Pieces were scattered all around, on the table, under the table, somewhere far away from the table and I spent much time crawling to find them all. 

But when putting it all together to create the image of past to present, I couldn’t find all the present pieces. The past was complete, a piece of art displaying a cosy old house with cosy old friends, but the present was as blank as the many cloud pieces which were included to enhance difficulty.

I couldn’t recall what the present was even meant to display, and I instead kept looking back to the past, even the past that wasn’t so long ago, showcasing a man in a warehouse stacking shelves. Even that moment was worth looking back at.

And the thing is, there wasn’t all that many pieces in the first place.

I’m just not that complicated.


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