Dear Santa

I’ve already sent my list your way, but I feel a followup letter is necessary, due to concerns regarding travel. You see, people are starting to forget where I live, and I fear this phenomena may have reached over to you at the North Pole. Or is it the South? Even I’m forgetting where people live!

I’ve lived on this street all my life, yet old high school friends drive straight on past, even if I wave. My sister has started posting packages two doors down, and letters I send out never seem to come back with responses.

When the postman comes he sometimes feels reluctant to hand over the post due to how unfamiliar he is with my appearance. He asks for the homeowner, and I wonder that if I’m not the homeowner, surely this can’t be my home?

Even I’m starting to forget, as when I return to the house, I often look through the window to make sure I recognise the innards of my own home. I grip onto the door handle and try to remember if it was always a twisting knob, and when I finally make my way inside, I struggle to determine which rooms are mine.

All I’m saying is, whilst my friends, family and even myself seem to be forgetting where my home actually is, I don’t want the same to happen with you.

Or alternately, if this is too much to ask, please can you just leave my presents with a neighbour?



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