Future Evolution

Evolution is always ongoing, and the children which will exist in your senior years will be different to the child that you were. Differences will be subtle, but it takes time for noticeable changes to occur, and it’s anyone’s guess on what our species will evolve into. Unless like me you happen to have access to a computer which can visit the future and look up such information. With my time travel puter, I saw what we will become. It sounds like something out of an anime doesn’t it? Well…


In the future our eyes will enlarge and widen akin to those who live in the animated Japanese wonderland. We will no longer require hair gel, and we can access extra powers through our spirit. Some will learn to shoot laser beams from their nipples, others will find a way to change their hair colour simply through the power of screaming. Hair companies have a lot to fear about our far off future.

Many will not be able to believe that someone they know can be so cute.

And people will only die when they are killed.

It’s the far off future we will never see.

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