Immunity Man

Immunity Man

He wasn’t sure how it happened, but Martin Orlando became the immunity man. Always ill as a child, he would rely numerous pills and sprays to keep up with the world. Even as an adult he would cling into the waking world through glucose, inhalers and sugar. But one day he began to feel awake without any aides, no longer throwing up in the toilets at work, and actually being alive.

Around this time, a letter was sent out to select chemists which had been selling a pill which was used to enhance performance in the human body, only available to the sickest of the sick. A small batch had been muddied through a manufacturing fault, and they were swiftly recalled once the letter was sent out. But Martin Orlando had picked up his monthly dosage before all this went down, the only one to receive the batch before they were all sent back. The chemists didn’t think much about it, and left Martin Orlando to deal with his new chemicals.

And thus, the Immunity Man was born.

Though he kept on taking his medication, linking his new-found feelings with the ideal that the drugs might actually be working. It wasn’t till he survived a killer outbreak of the plague at a small village whilst on vacation, that Martin Orlando knew that he was something more.

Everyone had fallen victim to the outbreak, except for Martin Orlando, who never felt better. He realised that something must have awakened within his defensive system, and this began to experiment as his fellow villagers saw their last rays of sunshine, and drunk their last cups of coffee. It wasn’t something he felt too proud to admit, but Martin Orlando experimented with the dead bodies. He hugged them, he kissed them, and he spent many nights with them. He wasn’t getting any sicker, at least in a physical sense. When the village was eventually quarantined, it was just the Immunity Man left, for the name Martin Orlando had rotted along with everyone else. People were perplexed, gawking at his seemingly good health. One ambulance driver was so astonished he forgot to brake, hitting Immunity Man and sending him to hospital with life threatening injuries.

He survived this ordeal, but it was then that he knew just what could and couldn’t kill him. And with a wasted youth, Immunity Man wanted to live a long and carefree life.

The first think Immunity Man did when he finally returned home, was to ask his boss’s if he could perhaps work at home, using the traumatic experience as an excuse. They allowed it initially, until they grew fearful of allowing a mere employer so much freedom, and promptly began to pester Immunity Man if he could return to the office, despite targets being met with no fuss nor delay.

Immunity Man also decided to end things with his partner. He didn’t go on vacation with him, they hadn’t being going out long after all, so he put an end to it before things developed further. Immunity Man had started to have nightmares in which his partner would grow bitter and resentful for his good health, with the dreams always ending with his partner choosing to smother him in his sleep. With no people to deal with at work, nor in love, Immunity Man could be safe from it all.

Security around the house was the next port of call, with cameras, voice recognition locks and a guard dog put in place. It worked well for a short while, but when he caught his guard dog snarling at the postman one quiet Monday morning, fear ran through his head and all the way down to his toes. That night Immunity Man snapped the dog’s neck to keep himself safe from possible maiming.

Immunity Man knew then that the only things which would keep him safe from death, were the viruses themselves. He began to order various diseases from the black market, keeping them not so securely stored, for it didn’t matter much to him. He sent anthrax to his boss’s as they continued to pester, he left Ebola in his post box, and he slept around influenza. Immunity Man slept well, the best he ever slept.

And this is how the villain Immunity Man was born. If only people would stay away.


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