Blink in and out


Flying down into a new country, a new experience, new joy. The sky is grey, we fall asleep after walking through the ghost town.

Eyes closed.

It’s her birthday. I blow balloons and throw them around the room. She wakes up in a daze, wearing a custom made cardboard tiara on her head. She smiles.

Eyes open.

I’m lying on the beach with a heavy hangover. The wind is blowing. She takes a picture of me squinting at the sun. It doesn’t last.

Eyes closed.

We visit the local town. People are running in the rain. We sit in a church to avoid it all. I’m feeling holy. I leave a donation.

Eyes open.

All the animals at the zoo look depressed. The donkey seeks death, the ponies twitch when stroked, the rabbits hop around before being fed to the snakes. There is an old grave. She climbs on in.

Eyes closed.

We sit on a boat as it travels the coast. There isn’t much to see. We go to the glass bottom and kiss. Jelly fish float past.

Eyes open.

The sun is burning our skin, our god is the sun. We lie down covered in sand, surrounded by topless whales and dead fish.

Eyes closed.

The plane leaves. To old destinations, old experiences, no joy.

Eyes open.

All that can be seen is the red LED light from the TV. Everything else is darkness.


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