Oh No, I think I’ve Lost It Now

I dropped my medication down the drain.

And once the years of numbness finally wore out, I started seeing things I hadn’t seen before.

Downstairs my parents are commenting on people commenting about TV on TV.

There is a girl on the internet giving out advice on how to live life wearing giant furry cat paws.

Outside it’s getting hard to breathe, it’s the middle of autumn but the humidity is killing it.

And an old woman flips me the finger from the other side. Her sudoku puzzles are burning in the grass.

On the news a man has married a pizza.

At the bottom of the street a kid with no teeth is throwing rocks at passing red cars. Just red.

In town there is a person hitting their head into a wall and screaming about nothing.

That one might be me.

Oh no, I think I lost it now.



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