Eternal Wake

Eternal Wake

I’m on vacation
Today, tomorrow, next week
Next year? Guess so.

This is how it goes.


I can see the festivities for free.

The trees are lit so bright.


I can meet and greet the big man who helps us all

I get what I wanted


I can make resolutions and stick to them

My room is riddled with lists


I have all the time for love

Flowers die far too quick


I can give it all up and treat it like a full time job

It’s easy to pass time through sleep


They start to wonder

Start to ask

When my wake will end

If I want it to end

If it can end

The builders look through the windows

In May

There’s blood on the walls

My heads stuck in a door


I’m seeking help

Tick boxes


I’m eating pills

My chest starts to burn


Everyone is off

I forget how to speak


I forget how to celebrate

The candles burn too bright


I forget how to dance

Even when left alone


Came back round too soon

In this eternal wake

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