When it comes to finding the true source of pain, you don’t have to look so far.

Outside of the Earth, amongst the stars and the planets? No, it’s far closer than that.

Other countries? Well, that depends where you’re from. Where are you?

Within your own country? Yes those politicians like to cause trouble, but they only see numbers, it isn’t personal.

Now within your own community, that’s where you’ll find them.

They probably aren’t across the street, no they’re closer than that.

And that guy on the train? No, they’re one seat too far.

You have to look to your phone, those contacts, those names. One of them is so close, you can smell their sweat, you can feel their breath.

And when they grow bored, that’s when they swing. That’s when you dodge, but oh no! It’s an upper cut!. KaPow! You can’t dodge that.

There is nothing closer than that.


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