Bunbury Publishing LTD Creative Anthology Volume 1: 2016 – The Event

bunFor those who knew me, you’ll be happy to know that I don’t talk much anymore.

No more nonsensical ramblings.

No more tangents.

No more confusion.

I keep my mouth shut, it’s better that way.

I rarely even go outside, so taking myself to Bury for the Bunbury Publishing LTD Creative Anthology Volume 1: 2016 book launch was somewhat of a challenge. The last time I went to such an event I felt disconnected from it all. I gave a reading and my mouth went dry. I spluttered through it then went back to the flat and stayed in bed for a week. 

For the short time I was at this recent event, people came up on stage and read poetry and shorts featured in the collection, a first for the Bunbury team, along with a handful of poetic guests. It had a comfortable atmosphere, though I sat in the corner and kept my mouth shut for most of it. Like a sponge I absorbed, though it’s always hard to remember names. Dominic Berry? Rosa Boat? They were the guests, I think I got it right, I hope I got it right! There was also music from Scott Edward Midlane, which was unfortunately missed. Sunday trains and social exhaustion are two things I wish I didn’t have to deal with.

Though whilst I can’t really find the words to speak to people, I’d like to use this blog post to say what I couldn’t say then. I thought it was great. The poem ‘Retail Whore’ was something else. I also thank everyone who clapped when I got up to do a reading, and for Chris convincing me to do so. He’s half of the team in charge of Bunbury, don’t cha know? I also thank those who came up to me to compliment my reading, even though I could only shyly mutter thanks. That’s actually a lot of words from me.

Setting up a launch event allows for writers to get a real feeling that their work has been heard. You can find yourself published online, but it’s hard to gauge just how far those stories are going. Did they skip over my page? Did they skim through just to find theirs? On stage all eyes are watching, and in a good crowd no words are spoken whilst the mic is being held. This was a good crowd. This is a good anthology. It was all good.

And I only stayed in bed for a day.



Now back to distant, cold weirdness. There are no I’s in Channel Static.

Even when there is.



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