My Cheesy Keyring

I received a keyring with my name on it. It featured a description to express just what it means to be a Joe, surrounded by polka dots and smiling emojis. For all the Joe’s of the world, this is what we are, the plastic key ring doesn’t lie.

”A Joe is a man sweeter than chocolate, more sensitive than the petals on a dying flower. His heart is the size of his head, and will protect all those he loves, even if he breaks because of it.”

How sweet! And then I saw the small print.

”Except for this Joe. This Joe is gullible, already in pieces, and the only thing in common this Joe shares with the other Joe’s is that he will share the same fate as everybody else in the world.”

I shrugged and attached the keyring to my keys. Tell me something I don’t know.


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