Can’t Get A Grip

A grip is when you have a firm hold of something, grasped tightly.

And I wonder what happened to mine.


Glasses fall out of my hands, they just





and s     h      a

t      t

e     r.

Knife marks cover the kitchen floor, they only cut skin deep,

People are like fish in my palms,

they splash back into the sea

Concepts are like will-o-the-wisp,

                                             never solidifying outside of my mind

Inside and out, I just don’t have a grip.

I can tighten my fists,

Push them into my head,

break into my skull

sink them into my brain,

scratch around my consciousness,

find my thoughts,

see inside

but I can’t p u l l them out

I can’t get my grip around them.




So they say Get a grip! That’s something I’m told.

They might sell them online

Get a grip

They must do prescriptions for this

Get a grip

Someone might have a spare

Get a spine

Maybe you can make one

Get a mind

Maybe you can steal one

Learn some pain

Maybe they’ll do a reprint

Find some time

Maybe everything will be fine


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