I sat looking out of the window, sighing. It was such a beautiful day, with grey skies and a constant downpour of rain. To drown your sorrows as others run past and sulk, ah, how wonderful! If only I could leave, for the window, for the door, they were locked shut.

I hadn’t left the house for a few months now, and the funny thing is, it’s not even my room, it’s not even my house. I ended up here after a night out, one which I can’t remember. I guess I was spiked, but I’ve yet to figure out why. I’ve had no contact from anyone since I entered here, and when I wake up, there is always food waiting. It’s almost like Oldboy, but there is no television to tell me of the unfortunate fate of the daughter who I don’t have. And I get to see outside.

The room consists of a few simple things. It had a bed, a toilet and a chair for sitting and thinking. Outside you could see a busy street, but I imagine they couldn’t hear or see me, or they at least pretended they couldn’t. How cruel.

And in the corner sat a barrage of cuddly toys. Pink bears, blue dolls, orange elephants. A whole zoo heap of cuddly toys. I didn’t play with them when boredom hit, but once I had a dream that one climbed onto my bed and stared into my soul as I slept. All it would have found was confusion. The panic was long gone.

One morning I woke feeling a bit fuzzy. I hadn’t been shaving down there, or up here, so I guess I was turning into a gorilla of a woman, but the thing is, the hair was all over, little specks of red fur, like dye. I scratched at it in confusion and then I heard a cough.

A little girl in a simple dress was looking at me. She was holding one of the cuddly toys, a green gargoyle. ‘I can come in now, because you can’t hurt me now.’ I asked why I’d hurt her but no words came out. I tried to move but I was now frozen. ‘You see, I like to collect ugly things then make them my pretty things. My daddy helps me.’

She showed me my reflection in a mirror she pulled from her pocket, and I let out a silent scream.

For I was now a green cuddly giraffe. She picked me up and squeezed me tightly. ‘This room makes all my dreams come true!’

But it wasn’t long till she was bored, her face grew empty, and another human ended up passed out in the room. For there is always a need for the next new thing. I tried to climb the sheets one night, but I could only peer over with my neck.


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