Fire In The Playground


I think personally, it’s really cool. Yeah. I like the bit when Harry runs after Susan and it was real touching. I might have cried, I think it was the music. I wish Harry was mine, I really do. Sometimes I sit in my room and make out with his face on a pillow. I know that might appear embarrassing, something I wouldn’t want to admit, but it’s true. I want to show my love to Harry. I hope he sees this TV interview, you best not omit this, and he will come to my room and let me lick his real eyes.


Hmm, well Fire In The Playground has a rather engaging title, it sounds like a thriller, or a horror. That’s what pushed me to see the film, along with the rather mysterious trailer, which just had heavy breathing with fire filling the screen. But I didn’t know it would be a romance! Not that I’m against romance, it can be an engaging genre when done right, but this was just crude! Fifty Shades has done a lot of bad to the industry! Who thought being gagged and tied to a swing while being hit as it swung would be hot! Ok, I guess it was. A little.


Hmm, you want to know what I thought of the film? Uh, I’d like to get home really. Huh, this is for TV? Okay, sure.

The film was an explosive thriller with intense violence and a real trip. Ok? You can use that on the DVD case when it’s out.

What? It’s none of those things? Why can’t I see those things in that film? Are you saying it can only be one thing? Ok, sure I might have fallen asleep, but it’s been a rough day, and I had a dream with all those elements, while the film was playing. So that’s my version.

Geez, I’m going home now.


So there you have it viewers. Fire In The Playground, is hot, sexy, and can induce wild thoughts in those who see it! I myself thought it was an incredible work of art, that everyone should see. And we have ten cinema tickets to give away so you can! All you have to do is send a photo of your nearby playground and who you’d love to take there! Best ten get the tickets….

We can’t do that question? Oh…yeah, I guess.

Just text your name and we’ll do a random draw! The 18 rated certificate means you adults shouldn’t be taking pictures of parks ok? Seriously!

And go see the film!


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