How The Enemy Won

It didn’t take long for Private Enemy to take over the kingdom, he had the element of privacy so no one noticed till it was too late. The castle was redesigned with the help of Changing Castles, a TV show which specialised in revamping castles recently claimed, and the first king was now living on the streets. It was a dark time for the kingdom, and the people stayed in and watched more television, as they didn’t want to deal with the monsters crawling around the streets at night.

But there was a group who couldn’t stand watching drama reruns, and set out to stop Private Enemy once and for all. There was Timothy, the hero with the pants of gold, Bryan with the afro of gold, and Rochelle with the backpack of gold. They had been training to kill monsters for months via an online hunting game, Bacon Hunter, and when it came to slaying real monsters, they were surprisingly good at it. The hard work had paid off.

They travelled through swamps, through towns, over mountains, all while taking the designated paths. It was a treacherous journey, full of bloody battles and broken limbs. But the heroes carried on, and eventually made it to the castle at the end of the kingdom. It sparkled and shone, Changing Castles had done a good job with the exterior.

But this is where the journey ended, as Timothy and his gang couldn’t make it into the castle. A sign at the entrance said ‘no trespassing’ and Timothy refused to commit a crime, lest he be the same as Private Enemy, who ate the laws for breakfast, lunch and tea.

So the heroes dawdled around the castle for quite some time, protesting for Private Enemy to come out and play. But the police carted them away for unapproved protests, and thus the world fell into darkness, and the heroes decided soaps weren’t all that bad after all.


2 thoughts on “How The Enemy Won

  1. I don’t like that Rochelle is given pants of gold. Makes me think about Kylie Minogue, and that’s just pure objectification.

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