The Greatest Theft

The rope barriers appeared overnight, with no indication what they were for. There were no advertisements, and no one waiting, they just existed, line ropes without a line. And people walked on by without thinking much of it.

But after a few days of nothing, there was suddenly something. One man appeared at the front, with a pop up box and a bundle of coins, and sat in front of the closed up store. It wasn’t long before passing shoppers started asking him what it was he was queuing for. He said he was waiting for a future to save his dirty soul, and thus, the queuing began.

A week later, the line was packed with the curious, bringing tents and rations to see the great unveiling of this promised future. Some imagined it would be a waterproof tablet so you could keep in touch whilst bathing. One devout soul believed the line would lead to Jesus, who would burst through the closed shop front door.

But it wasn’t Jesus, nor a shop owner carrying a box of waterproof tablets which opened the door. After a month of waiting, a man in a balaclava appeared from the entrance, a large sack tied to his back. He waved to the crowd and ran down the street, and everyone followed, calling him a thief, and this thief dropped the sack to help him get away from an angry mob who had been waiting a long time for the promises made by line ropes and a man in a cardboard box.

But when they pried the sack open, they found that there was nothing inside. They stood in silent realisation, that they’d lost something they could never get back. The greatest theft of them all.


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