Wouldn’t it be something,
If we changed colour to represent our mental state?
The minute people see you they’d go ‘well he has this, so that’s that.’
A physical manifestation to explain it all.

I painted my whole body purple and suddenly people paid attention.
They said I had a problem, so I guess it worked afterall.
But it wouldn’t wash off, I couldn’t get a job
I was clumsy
I was antsy

I was a complete ass, painted purple.

And I realised maybe it was for the better that people couldn’t see.

One late night, I can’t remember the time (1.34 a.m)
she found me in the kitchen lights off, curled into a ball.
My teeth looking for my throat.
She said I looked like a prune.

And we laughed it off. I was just a purple prune

Not an ass at all.


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