Missing Molly (NOW FOUND)

A message for everyone who is visiting:



Molly has been found and is home and dry!

Old archive information:

On Saturday the 12th of July, Molly, my sister’s cat, went missing in the Irlam area of Manchester. Below is the message left by her partner:


Hi, we have lost our 15 month old cat Molly in the Irlam area. She escaped from a cattery on Lyndhurst Avenue and may be wandering around lost and confused (we live in Whalley Range) or hiding in bushes/gardens in the area. She is very timid and afraid of other people so unlikely to go into a house. She is white and tabby with a cream collar and name tag and communicates by squeaking normally. If you see her, please can you send me a PM on Facebook? If you are able to coax her in and can take her to the cattery or an animal sanctuary/vet we would be very grateful and can offer a reward.


Rob Boyle


If anyone sees her, please follow the above. The contact links are below.

Rob Boyle  https://www.facebook.com/rob.boyle1?fref=photo

Amy Woodhouse https://twitter.com/Amycharlotte13

Hopefully Missing Molly will simply be Molly, as she was before. If you happen to live in the area and see this message, please help one lost cat find its way. And if you aren’t from around there, please spread the word.

Thank you.


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