Everybody’s Room

Everyone has something to say, so feel free to write it down in Everybody’s Room. Let out your thoughts and throw it on the floor, scratch it on the chairs or paint it on the wall. The darkest secrets can live under a football score.
mad room 1

Everybody’s Room isn’t a place just for placing old thoughts, within the dim room new ideas may form as flashes of people’s minds adjusts your own. Dark worlds form to the swaying of a single light bulb, a paradise of creativity within the sea of words, thoughts drowning beneath others. When another enters, the illusion breaks, and the low static of the radio begins to grate.

mad room 2

But too long absorbing the contents of the room tends to end up leaving only one word bouncing around. It isn’t tangible anywhere else, but in Everybody’s Room you can sit on it:

mad room 3

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